Medium Package

With us, you can know for certain that a good job is being done!

We show all the work we do on each package we deliver. Our clients are able to see progress on their package at any time. You will be given access to a folder which shows all pitch content, media lists, and screenshots of emails that we are sending out to journalists. We update this folder intermittently throughout the package service period.

We do not guarantee press coverage or backers as a result of our service. Agencies who guarantee coverage are often using tactics like counting press release reposts as articles. Readers do not even see press release reposts, as they are buried deep within the media outlet that reposts them. Here at BackerSpring, we only get real press coverage that actually converts!

BackerSpring, LLC

Medium Package - $550
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Service Itemization

Item Quantity Description
Daily Pitching 30 days We will pitch your product to every journalist on the media list for 30 days straight
Media List 2 Develop a list of targeted outlets, blogs, and publications based on your target market (600 outlets)
Custom Pitches 4 Professionally written product pitches designed to inspire action
Press Outreach 30 days All journalists will be sent unique, personalized emails, one-by-one (written for each journalist)
Email Pitch Rounds 5 Contacting every journalist on our media list 5 times, all one-by-one personalized
Mass Pitch Distribution 4 Emailed directly to 2,600 journalists
Media Relations Campaign 4 Pitching to our relationships via phone, sms, and in-person
Publicists 3 Number of publicists working on your campaign

Package includes time on Kickstarter & Indiegogo Indemand.

Delivery Files

At the end of your service period, we will send you a gdrive folder that contains all links to coverage, all correspondence with journalists, and all metrics regarding open rates and individual replies to direct emails. You will be sent media lists and pitches during the first phase of the marketing campaign to review and approve. We will end the service period with press releases (mass-email), and you will be provided with all open rates regarding that as well. The client folder includes screenshots of emails we send to journalists.

Media Relations

A media relations campaign is a process of pitching journalists that we have a working relationship with. This is done almost exclusively over the phone, through text message, and in-person in a few situations. We do this twice during this package, meaning we pitch our relationships once – come back and regroup and adjust our strategy – and then go back out and pitch them again. This process can be repeated many times because there are many different publicity angles one can take when pitching a product.

Indiegogo Indemand

This package gets you 30 days of press outreach, so if you have less than 30 days left on Kickstarter you can use the remaining outreach time on your package for when you move over to Indiegogo Indemand. Not sure what Indemand is? Most campaigns move to Indemand after their Kickstarter ends because Indemand is a platform without time limits that allows you to continue to take pre-orders until you are all ready to ship rewards. It’s essentially an endless crowdfunding campaign!


Common Service Questions

What do we need to begin?

We will need a folder that contains all your product photos. We will also need you to be able to answer questions we have as we create your pitch content. After that, we do ask that you make yourself available for interviews with journalists at any time if necessary.

What does the timeline look like?

Our first day is spent creating pitch content and media lists. Once that is complete, we then begin press outreach and adjust our pitches and lists depending on how well the outreach goes. Results may be seen in as little as 2 days after we begin press outreach, since online media has a pretty fast turn around.

What happens if we don’t get press during the package?

Although this situation rarely happens, when it does we are willing to go a bit of extra time for you (free of charge) just to ensure we land some articles. Most times all it takes to land press is just a bit of extra time. Since we are a new agency we are obsessed with producing results for every client, we are willing to go extra time free of charge if that is what it takes to produce results.

What happens if you don’t meet your funding goal?

In this scenario we are able to offer you a free re-launch if you should choose to relaunch at any point in the future. After doing a public relations campaign, we know exactly what journalists are interested in your campaign and it won’t really be any additional work for us to reach out to those journalists regarding your relaunch.

BackerSpring, LLC

Medium Package - $550
Please use the email address we’ve emailed you at during checkout.