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Partnering With Leading Publications & Media Outlets For Placement Of Our Client’s Products

We help brands engage and activate audiences worldwide through key influencers such as journalists, industry insiders, and editors. Using our unique expertise, we develop and execute creative marketing strategies to amplify your brand story at scale, and reach legions of potential backers. We strategize and build high performing campaigns for brands to engage with their target audiences.

There is nothing more powerful than a top-tier media hit. Getting featured by a huge media outlet will drive more backers than anything else, in record time. Our core team has forged long-standing relationships with influential journalists and publications. We take a handcrafted, personal approach to our outreach, pursuing each press lead to the fullest until the very end. Our relationships are built by networking with journalists in person.


The first step to any successful public relations campaign is planning. It takes a skilled hand to know exactly what online publications are not only going to cover a product but also convert into sales. Relevancy is key here, as you can get far more sales from a publication that has a perfect audience match compared to a huge news site with a generalized audience. For example, a technology project would get more backers from than they would from Huff Post (unless their product has a broad mass audience appeal).

Relationship based outreach is the most powerful tool at a publicists disposal when landing press. It’s what matters most here at BackerSpring. We have went to great lengths to build relationships with blogs and publications. Why do we do this? Because hundreds of people send journalists cold emails every single day trying to get coverage. Many journalists just read the subject lines before deciding to delete or not – and if they do open the email – you can bet for certain that you don’t have their full attention. With so much noise going on in the email inbox, the best strategy of all is not to email at all, and pitch the journalist through other means (in-person, over the phone, and through text message).