Welcome to BackerSpring. Our core team is based in a coworking space in Oakland, California. Just a short drive away from San Francisco! Thanks to this location, we are able to attend many startup events which provide the opportunity for us to network with journalists (especially the tech or gear media). Building relationships are important for any public relations firm, and we try to build as many of them as possible in person. However, many journalists are not based in SF – so we do have to network online from time to time. Our team is always networking and always striving to achieve the maximum amount of relationships possible.
We are a group of freelance publicists working together. We still freelance individually, and we work for our clients here at BackerSpring as a group. Our whole team isn’t based in Oakland though, we have several support staff and lead generation people working in various locations across the globe, but rest assured – everyone who is pitching your campaign will be based in the bay area. Each publicist at our firm has a minimum of three years experience in the field (a requirement to work for us), and collectively our team has over 20 years experience in digital marketing and communications (when you add up the amount of time each team member has worked in the field).


Questions About Our Agency

Can we send you a 1099 for tax purposes?

Yes, upon request we are willing to send or fill out any 1099 at the end of our first service period with you.

Do we have relationships with Journalists?

Yes, and that is why we title our service “Media Relations” instead of “Public Relations”. Any person can simply send cold email to journalists and hope for the best, but very few have the skills and dedication required to network with journalists in person to build a relationship with them.

How big is our team?

We have a total of 3 publicists on staff, and 2 individuals working in sales and support.

How do we have relationships?

This is not our first experience for our team members. Our publicists have each been working in the field for a minimum of 3 years. This means each publicist has a “rolodex” of relationships they were able to bring to the firm, it’s one of the reasons why we chose them.

How fast can we get results?

We are able to work incredibly fast for live-campaigns. It takes us 1-2 days to create content, media lists, and pitches. Once that’s complete we then begin press outreach – and results may be seen in as little as a day or two after press outreach begins.

What is our backstory?

Our agency was founded by a group of freelance publicists. Several of us still freelance while working for BackerSpring until we grow to a full client roster. We have our own Rolodex of relationships we bring to the table, and have been in the field pitching journalists and freelancers for years.

What separates us from the other crowdfunding agencies?

With us, you get far more focus and attention to detail than you would get with the biggest crowdfunding marketing agencies. Those firms load up on more clients than their staff can handle. We are a low volume agency focused on providing quality results.