Let's Publicize Your Project.


Starter Package $350

14 Days Of Press Outreach

2 Publicists On Your Campaign

2 Custom Product Pitches

1 Media List (300 Outlets)

3 Press Releases (Mass Pitch)

All Journalists Pitched 4 Times

2 Media Relations Campaigns

Medium Package $550

30 Days Of Press Outreach

3 Publicists On Your Campaign

4 Custom Product Pitches

2 Media Lists (600 Outlets)

4 Press Releases (Mass Pitch)

All Journalists Pitched 5 Times

4 Media Relations Campaigns

Pro Package $750

60 days of Press Outreach

4 Publicists On Your Campaign

8 Custom Product Pitches

4 Media Lists (+900 Outlets)

6 Press Releases (Mass Pitch)

All Journalists Pitched 10 Times

6 Media Relations Campaigns

Indiegogo Indemand Included


We land press for live campaigns with a quick turn around time!

Low Tier

$3,000 is generally what you see when a small blog features you. This is only true if it is a real blog with real readers. Many blogs buy their traffic and don't have readers. Some blogs may drive less even with active readers. Many small blogs won't deliver any backers.

Mid Tier

$5,000 is roughly how much a single medium sized online publication is generally able to drive in new sales when they write an article about a product. The publication must have an aduience fit that in your target market, otherwise sales will be lower.

Top Tier

$40,000 or more is how much a top tier media hit can drive. There is nothing more powerful than a top tier media hit. An article like that can drive more backers than anything else in record time. All it takes is a bit of a luck, and a skilled publicist to make it happen.


See the actionable steps we take during our journalist outreach campagins.